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Part 1 – Who’s acting up?

Another alternative drawing of Sid, with a green hoodie and large eyebrows that pop out from his headAfter the invention of Sid the Alien the group were anxious to bring him to life. They storyboarded an idea for a comic as an aid to help people understand the National Care Standards.

Armed with the concept, the group presented their work and thoughts to the government. Money was provided to fund a website for young people to help them understand the National Care Standards and it was to feature Sid in a series of 6 films. The Care Commission invited the group to be involved in the process and soon they were heading up to the Dundee Rep to collaborate with film makers, acting coaches and a communication design company in a project to bring Sid to life.

A close up photo of a camera filming one of the Sid care videosThe group worked over many weekends to develop ideas and scripts for the videos. The sessions were sometimes tough for people in the room but the sharing of stories and experiences fed into the ideas. It was decided to base the films on the foundation words of the Care Standards; Dignity, Privacy, Choice, Safety, Realising your Potential and Equality & Diversity.

Developing the scripts and acting them out in the DundeeRep studios was a great process but it was all leading to the final goal of shooting the films over a long weekend on a very tight schedule. Everyone had roles in the films and the only trained actor was Naomi, AKA Sid, from the DundeeRep Youth Theatre. Shooting the videos was hard work but the results are great and to top it off a real star was found in young Donny who took on the challenge of voice over artist.

Check out the Meet Sid films now…

Thoughts from some of the group…

“It was great to see it come to fruition after such a long time. The Dundee Rep were great to work with.” Joe

“Good experience with other young people who have been in care, good days out and a good way to let young people understand their rights.” Tony

“I think it’s a great idea. I never really understood what the National Care Standards were about, I knew they were there but just not what they were for, but I know now.”

“I think the website is really good and helpful and it will help young people understand about the Care Standards. I really enjoyed being part of it. I gave ideas during the group work sessions and then I did the voice over which was fun and interesting because I got to learn something too.” Donny

“I think the general process about bringing ‘Sid’ to life was really good. The girls from the Dundee Rep were really good to work with. The only thing I’m a bit disappointed about is that the original idea of it being a comic isn’t something that’s happened, but I really love the whole idea of it being on a website.” David

Thanks to…

Apart from a few professionals, the majority of those involved in the creation and continuing development of Meet Sid have given their time freely and generously. So a huge thank you to everyone who helped us make the Meet Sid 6+ films. It was a true collaboration between young people who know what it’s like to live in care, professional drama specialists from the Dundee Rep Creative Learning team, filmmakers and a whole bunch of volunteers. In the end over 30 people both on and off camera were involved.

Choice – it’s up to you

Tony looking shocked, with his face covered in WeetabixThank you to St Andrews Travellers Hostel for the loan of their dining room and office (sorry about the carpet). Thank you David and also his co-diner Tony for willingly taking a soggy Weetabix in the face – he did it for the team.

Dignity – everyone deserves it

Thank you to the Twin City Cafe, Dundee for letting us film on their busiest day of the week. Special mention to Emir Taha for playing himself behind the counter. Tony played Sid’s friend and Ray MacLean from Who Cares? Scotland played the care home manager.

Safety – everyone needs it

Sid wearing a warm winter coat looking sadThank you to David and Claire for playing the bemused couple at the crossing. Thanks also to the good people of Wormit in Fife for your patience while we took control of your crossing for an hour.

Potential – it’s worth working for

Thank you to the staff and students of Harris Academy, Dundee. The 10 S4 students played disinterested classmates brilliantly. The maths teacher was played by the ever-so-talented Louise Ritchie and the Head Teacher by the not-so-talented Andy Flack.

Diversity – who are you?

John Routledge with a punk mohawk and blue face paintThanks to Rick Curran, Murray Fender and Callum Mackie for playing the skateboarders and to Rick for convincing Naomi she could at least stand on a skateboard. Thanks also to the Youth Theatre Group at Dundee Rep for playing the Goths and to John Routledge for playing himself as a Punk, (sorry we didn’t tell you about the blue face paint requirement). Finally a big thank you to Grouchos Record Store Dundee for letting us take over their store.

Privacy – it’s your right

Thank you to the Junction Care Home in Dundee for allowing us access to a their space. Special thanks to the football players Jamie and Shane. Sid’s comic shower companion was played by Donny, (also our voice over artist). And finally thank you to Kirsten McManus from Who Cares? Scotland for playing the care worker who finds Sid in the broom cupboard.

Who’s Sid?

Sid was played by Naomi who was at the time a member of the Youth Theatre at the Dundee Rep Theatre. Naomi never once moaned even when having her bald cap removed looked as painful as having a sticky plaster torn off a hairy arm.

Who’s talking?

Donny sits at the microphone ready to get to workThank you to our voice over artist Donny. Well done for keeping your composure despite the rest of us – very professional!


Thank you to Stephanie Tostevin and Erin Lewis, both in their final year at James Watt College studying for their HND in Makeup Artistry.

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