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Who is Sid?

An early pencil sketch drawing of Sid, with large eyes and funky shoesSome years ago, with the help of  Who Cares? Scotland, a group of young people living in care looked at how the National Care Standards could be made easier for young people to understand. That meeting brought to life some amazing thinking that clarified what it is like to go into care.

Often confused, hurt and scared, young people coming into care find themselves trying to make sense of a very new way of life. The expression “I may as well have been on another planet” made sense to everyone and so Sid the Alien came to represent the experience of going into care for the first time.

The Sid concept grew into a website featuring 6 short films about Sid and more recently new videos, a game, plus the arrival of older Sid, has also meant a revamp for the site.

Read on about how Sid came to life in our first film project and see the documentary about the process to make our latest films and game.

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