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What training do staff have to work with young people like me?

Staff will do lots of training while they’re working with you. They will most likely have at least an HNC and SVQ III in Social Care. Some people might have a degree in social work, psychology, community education or social pedagogy. However understanding how someone else feels is not necessarily something you can learn out a book – this is called empathy or being empathetic and it’s a quality that managers will be looking for when they employ people in their teams. There will be lots of workers within the social care sector who have been in care themselves and will understand the difficulties young people are facing. If someone is working with you however and you don’t feel they understand you or you don’t ‘click’ with them, it’s best to tell someone rather than go on feeling this way. It’s natural in life to get on better with some people rather than others and it’s ok to say this and explain how you’re feeling.


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