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Care Standards

Sid waves at you happily1. BEGINNING YOUR STAY (STANDARDS 1-7)

There’s a lot to take in when you first arrive in care but the carers’ job is to help you settle as quickly as possible. It’s natural to have loads of questions which your carers should be happy to help you with.

Standards 1 to 7 are all about beginning your stay and dealing with the important stuff like making sure you get to know everyone around you, knowing how to keep in touch with your friends and family, feeling safe and secure in your new home and understanding how the staff in the home work together to look after you. Learn More!

Sid points at the text, trying to grab your attention2. LEADING YOUR LIFE (STANDARDS 8-16)

These standards are about you as a person, how you live your life and how you’ll be encouraged to take some responsibility for things such as keeping healthy, doing well at school and making good choices. Learn More!

Sid points at the text, trying to grab your attention3. MOVING ON (STANDARD 17)

For most young people, their time in care comes to end around the time they’re 18. Moving on to an independent life is challenging time. Standard 17 is all about how you’ll be supported throughout this period. Learn More!

Sid uses both hands to point at the text, still trying to grab your attention

Sid points at the text, trying to grab your attentionSid points at the text, trying to grab your attention4. EXPRESSING YOUR VIEWS (STANDARDS 18 – 19)

Sometimes you might want to express your views about how you are being cared for. Standards 18 and 19 tell you how to do this and who’s out there to help you. Learn More!

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