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Your Rights

Our films are meant to be light hearted but they touch on real things that affect young people living in care. They were inspired by the Care Standards and written and performed by young people just like you.

Have you had a problem? If so how did you solve it? Perhaps you resolved an issue by referring to the Care Standards, or maybe your carers helped you to understand something by using them. If you’ve found the Care Standards useful be sure to tell others in care about them.

You have the right to…

Sid enjoys watching his videos too!

Dignity is about your right to: Be treated with dignity and respect at all times, and enjoy a full range of social relationships.

Young people tell us that it’s really embarrassing asking for receipts when they’re given care home money to spend on everyday things as it draws attention to their situation. Dignity – Everyone Deserves It is all about this issue and through the eyes of Sid who has no idea what a receipt is, or what it’s for, we learn where not to stick them.

Dignity, Everyone deserves it. Watch Sid learn a little about Dignity

You have the right to…

Sid puts on his headphones to enjoy some privacy

Privacy is about your right to: Have your privacy and property respected; and be free from unnecessary intrusion.

However sociable we are normally there are times we just want to be by ourselves. In Privacy – It’s Your Right, Sid is trying to find somewhere quiet to read his magazine, only he’s forgetting that life is carrying on around him. Eventually he remembers there’s one place that’s his own.

Privacy, It's your right. Watch Sid learn a little about Privacy

You have the right to…

Sid doesn't know whether to eat the chewy jelly beans or the scrumptious tart!

Choice is about your right to: Make informed choices, while recognising the rights of other people to do the same, know about the range of choices available to you and get help to fully understand all the options, so that you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Choice – It’s Up To You, is based on your right to be able to make your own choices and for your carers to help you to make good choices. Sid, being from outer space is strictly vegetarian and prefers plant leaves to cereal. A strange choice by our standards, but it suits Sid.

Choice, It's up to you. Watch Sid learn a little about Choice

You have the right to…

Safety is about your right to: Feel safe and secure in all aspects of life, including health and well-being, know that adults are responsible for your safety, enjoy feeling safe but not be over-protected and be free from exploitation and abuse.

We all need to feel safe and know how to stay safe. Sid, being from another planet, is totally untrained in the everyday things we all take for granted. In Safety – Everyone Needs It, we see Sid in deep conversation with a pelican crossing thinking it’s a friend from back home but with almost tragic consequences.

Safety, everyone needs it. watch Sid learn a little about Safety

You have the right to…
Realise Your Potential

Realising Potential is about your right to have the opportunity to: Achieve all you can, make full use of the opportunities available to you and make the most of your life.

Everyone has the right to reach their full potential at school and throughout life. Sid has some exceptional skills. In Potential – It’s Worth Working For, we see Sid using his skills at school, much to the bemusement of his classmates and his teachers who are left feeling inferior.

Potential, It's worth working for. Watch Sid learn a little about Realising Potential

You have the right to…

Sid inspecting you with a magnifying glass as if you are the strange one

Equality and Diversity is about your right to: Live an independent life, and be personally fulfilled. To be respected for your ethnic background, language, culture and faith, be treated equally and be cared for in a safe environment, free from bullying, harassment and discrimination. To be able to complain without fear of victimisation.

Diversity – Who Are You? studies the idea that everyone is different. Sid is certainly different, and like many young people in care, feels a little bit out of place. In this clip, to try to fit in, Sid takes on the various guises of people he meets. But none of them really suit him, so what does he do?

Diversity, Who are you? Watch Sid learn a little about Equality and Diversity

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