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Barnardo’s research finds lack of confidence in young people

New research undertaken by Barnardo’s has found that 88 per cent of young people in Britain say they ‘lack confidence and doubt they will succeed in life’. The survey also found that young people in the UK feel increasing pressure to perform in all aspects of their lives: only 17 per cent felt were confident… Read More

New research calls for better relationships to reduce criminalisation

The Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice (CYCJ) has published a study which has found that better relationships between the police and young people, wider support for residential workers and clearer communication could reduce the criminalisation of young people in care. The report explores how practitioners make the decision to involve police in incidents and… Read More

Independent review of care system to be conducted

The First Minister has announced an independent review into Scotland’s care system, which will be done with the participation of those people who have experience of care. The review will examine the culture and practices of the existing system, aiming to build on existing strengths to make it work better for those in care.

NHS scrutiny body issues ‘sexting’ guidelines (England)

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued new guidelines on what is known as harmful sexual behaviour. The guidelines include advice on ‘sexting’ (sending sexually explicit pictures or messages via smartphone) alongside other age inappropriate sexual behaviour. The guidance focuses on children and young people who are the sole offenders of… Read More

Schools sign up to Reading Challenge

Over 1,000 Scottish schools have signed up to the First Minister’s Reading Challenge, an initiative which encourages children and young people to enjoy books. The initiative is backed by the Scottish Book Trust and aims to help school and communities work together to build positive attitudes towards reading.

Young people will have chance to shape the future of their schools

An engagement process has begun between the Scottish Government and school pupils in order to inform the new major school governance review, which was announced by Deputy First Minister John Swinney. The three month engagement programme will be taken forward by Young Scot alongside Children in Scotland and Scottish Youth Parliament and aims to secure… Read More

Childline sees marked increase in calls about suicide

The NSPCC has reported an increase in the calls to its helpline from youngsters contemplating suicide over the past year. Childline’s annual report for 2015/16 ‘It Turned Out Someone Did Care’ shows that it received 934 call and online inquiries from children in Scotland, creating an average of 18 a week Childline carried out an… Read More

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