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Child Rights International Network publishes paper on setting minimum ages

A new discussion paper on the criminal age of responsibility has been published by the Child Rights International Network. The paper examines a series of sensitive children’s rights issues using general principles and rights-based criteria, and exposing how minimum ages can be “inconsistent, discriminatory and arbitrary.” The paper raises issues such as the recommended minimum… Read More

Survey finds a rise in youngsters using e-cigarettes

The marketing of e-cigarettes in Scottish shops has been linked with a rise in youngsters trying vaping for themselves, according to research by the University of Stirling, The Herald reports. The study of almost 4,000 children and young people aged 11 to 18, found those who recalled seeing e-cigarette displays in small shops were twice… Read More

Online child safety risks highlighted in NSPCC survey

Children have been subjected to sexual, violent and other adult material on social media sites, apps and games, according to a new survey carried out by the NSPCC. Of the 1,725 school children who took part in the survey, 50 per cent said they have seen sexual, violent and other adult material on social media… Read More

LGBT Youth Scotland publishes manifesto

A manifesto calling for the next Scottish Government and public bodies to take action to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) young people has been published by LGBT Youth Scotland. One of the pledges in the manifesto includes a dedicated fund for initiatives to prevent and address homophobic, biphobic, and… Read More

Children and Young People’s Commissioner updates Golden Rules pack

A set of principles that can help anyone working with – and for – children and young people, developed by the Children and Young People’s Commissioner, has been updated. The Golden Rules can help to remind adults what children and young people want from participation and can also help children and young people to think… Read More

New blog reflects on young people’s view on mental health

A blog which reflects on the “fascinating views” shared by young people at their recent mental health conference has been shared by Enquire’s Information Officer for Children and Young People Amy Westendarp. In the blog, Ms Westendarp discusses a story from young teenagers who looked at the positive and negative impact that social media can… Read More

Youth & Criminal Justice in Scotland for under 18s online guide published

An online guide that describes the stages in the youth and criminal justice process for under 18s in Scotland has been published by the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services. The guide, which covers issues such as from suspicion of having committed an offence through to support after completion of sentence was published… Read More

Children in Scotland publishes 2016-2021 manifesto

Children in Scotland has published its manifesto for the next Scottish Parliament, setting out its priorities to secure the wellbeing of every child and improve the quality of every childhood. Their three key areas are participation and inclusion, early intervention and prevention, and inequalities and poverty. Specific action being called for includes appointment of a… Read More

Young people with experience of care to be offered university places

Offers of university places will be made to young people with experience of care, as the Scottish Government commits to working with universities to ensure that these offers of a place will be made to young people who meet the minimum entry requirements. A full bursary will also be made available as another step to… Read More

Children’s Commissioner outlines barriers to children exercising rights

The Children and Young People’s Commission Scotland has published a ‘Manifesto Maze’ outlining some of the barriers children and young people come up against when trying to exercise their rights. Barriers identified by the Commissioner include access to justice, equal protection, minimum age of criminal responsibility and ensuring all children’s and young people’s rights are… Read More

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