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Report analyses young people’s perceptions of poverty and rights

An analysis of young people’s views perceptions of poverty and rights has been published by the Scottish Youth Parliament. The report, entitled It’s not a choice, aims to better understand the perceptions and views of young people on the effects of poverty and the measures taken to address it. According to the report, young people… Read More

New missions in Child Rights Launchpad game

Six new missions have been launched as part of an interactive game to help children in Scotland learn about their rights, the Children and Young People’s Commissioner has highlighted. The new missions, part of the Unicef Child Rights Lanchpad, explore six articles (21 to 27) of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the… Read More

Scottish Care Leavers’ Covenant launched

The Scottish Care Leavers’ Covenant, “a bold and committed promise to young people who have experience of the care system: that they matter”, has been launched. The Covenant, provides a framework through which corporate parents can be supported to improve practice, culture and outcomes for all care leavers. The Covenant has been developed by a… Read More

Campaign to reduce stigma around mental health in children

A campaign to reduce the stigma associated with mental health in children has been launched by the UK Government. The campaign will use school visits and social media to urge young people and parents to talk more about mental health. A Youth Mental Health Hub website has also been launched to help children find accurate… Read More

4 great videos that explain your rights at court

Have you ever been involved in the justice system? It can happen for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you need to go because your parents are getting divorced, or because you’ve witnessed a crime. It’s natural to feel a bit scared or overwhelmed when you go to court or a hearing, but it doesn’t have… Read More

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