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Research finds link between anti-depressants and violence in young people

A research study has found a link between anti-depressants and increased risk of young people committing violent crimes. A Swedish study published in the Public Library of Science Medicine found that taking the drugs, known as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs), raised the likelihood of someone aged 15 to 24 being convicted for an act… Read More

Being in care does not damage educational outcomes, review finds

Being in care in itself does not appear to damage children’s educational outcomes, according to an international literature review. Carried out by the Rees Centre at Oxford University, the review found that children in care lag behind their peers on a number of educational measures but suggests that the relationship between being in care and… Read More

Booklet on rights of children and young people looked after in secure care

A booklet providing information on the rights of children and young people being looked after in secure care has been published by the Scottish Government. The booklet contains information on a number of key areas, such as Contact; Mobility; Searches; Single separation; and Restraint. The information is in addition to Rights, Information For Young People… Read More

National Care Leavers Week Scotland – 22 to 31 October

National Care Leavers Week Scotland this year runs from 22 to 31 October. The theme of this year’s campaign is ‘Looking to the future’, exploring how to ensure “a brighter Scotland for future care leavers through a focus on Community, Health and Education”.

Survey shows teenage girls mental health is a serious concern

The key findings from the latest Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2015, conducted by Girlguiding, shows that for girls and young women between seven and 21 years of age, mental health and support for mental well-being is a serious concern. The full annual survey will be launched in September but these initial key findings from 1,574 girls… Read More

Highland teenagers to mentor nursery children

Pupils between 13 and 16 years old at four Highland secondary schools will be the first in Scotland to mentor toddlers at nurseries during the school term. The BBC reports that the scheme will be run UK education project Teens and Toddlers, as pupils viewed as at risk of opting out of education will mentor… Read More

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