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Scottish Youth Parliament’s manifesto consultation

The Scottish Youth Parliament is collecting ideas and contributions from Scotland’s young people for their 2016-2021 Youth Manifesto, ‘Lead the Way’. The manifesto consultation document covers issues such as communities, education, youth work, environment, health, sport and leisure, transport, constitution, culture, economy and work, equalities, justice, and rights and participation. They are asking Young people… Read More

Survey for care leavers on returning to care

Who Cares? Scotland is conducting a survey for young people 14 years old and over, who are currently looked after or a care leaver, on the idea of ‘return to care’. They want to make sure that the Scottish Government hears from care experienced young people on the kinds of support they get when they… Read More

A new mentoring scheme for care leavers at the University of Strathclyde

A new mentoring scheme to provide additional support for care leavers has been introduced by the University of Strathclyde. The scheme for care-experienced students will begin in September and will involve each student being matched with a volunteer member of staff. The mentoring scheme is the latest addition to the Strathclyde Cares programme, through which… Read More

Funding for In Work Support for most vulnerable young people

The Scottish Government has announced funding of £302,500 to support work to help vulnerable young people in employment. The funding is for those that face the most significant barriers in accessing employment opportunities, such as people with disabilities, care leavers, carers and those aged 16 to 29 with criminal convictions.

Report on children’s digital rights campaign

A campaign aiming to implement a universal framework digital rights for children and young people has published a report. The iRights initiative is supported by CHILDREN 1st, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People and the Scottish Government.

Research on experience of corporate parenting from perspective of people in care

Catch 22 has published research looking at the experience of corporate parenting for young people in care. The study, which involved interviews with 579 young people in and from care across 12 local authorities in England, found that: young people believe that ‘good parenting’ is demonstrated through; being loved; listened to; supported; respected and kept… Read More

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