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Closing the Gap

Attainment of looked after children continues to improve New figures show the attainment of looked after young people at school has significantly improved over the last three years. The statistics show the number of looked after children gaining a qualification at SCQF level 4 or better has gone up and the attainment gap between them… Read More

NSPCC report on emotional wellbeing of looked after children

A report calling for a ‘whole system approach’ to improving the emotional health of looked after children has been published by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Based on fieldwork and research, the report identifies five priorities which could improve support for the emotional health of children in care: an emphasis on emotional wellbeing… Read More

Strategy on pregnancy and parenthood in young people launched and consulted on

Scotland’s first national strategy on Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People has been launched and is being consulted on by the Scottish Government. The strategy looks at the causes of pregnancy in young people and is trying to lower the “cycle of deprivation” that people link with pregnancy and parenthood in young people. The document includes a… Read More

YouthBank Scotland, Opportunity for Young People

YouthBank Scotland is looking for young people between the ages of 16 and 26 to join its Board of Directors. YouthBank Scotland (YBS) is looking for confident, enthusiastic and knowledgeable young people with a passion for youth leadership, action and voice to sit on their board. YBS is an innovative grant making and empowerment initiative… Read More

Scottish Government supports iRights coalition

The Scottish Government has signed up as an official supporter of the iRights coalition. The coalition is being led by Young Scot to raise awareness of five principles to allow children and young people to access the internet and digital world safely and knowledgeably.

Children’s commissioners report on UK’s rights record

The UK’s children’s commissioners have produced a joint report on the UK’s children’s rights record over the last seven years. Submitting to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the commissioners for Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland warn of the impact of austerity as well as themes relating to mental health; safeguarding;… Read More

SCCYP enquiry service now free from all phones

Children, young people and adults can now contact SCCYP for free on 0800 019 1179― from both mobile phones and landlines. Previously, mobile service providers were able to charge for calls to 0800 numbers, even if they were free to call from a landline. However, this practice has now been abolished across the UK, meaning… Read More

Charity launches new service to help children report CSE

A new service to help children and young people report child sexual exploitation (CSE) has been launched by the NWG Network. The charity’s ‘Say Something’ service offers a free, 24 hour, anonymous phone and SMS helpline, 116 000, to help children identify early indicators of CSE and to disclose information.

SCRA launches Children’s Hearings podcast

New online podcasts of children speaking about their experiences of Children’s Hearings have been launched by the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA). The podcasts are unscripted and designed to help children going to their first hearing.

Lottery Cash Gives Disabled Young Scots Hope for the Future

Ten organisations supporting young people with disabilities will share £5 million of lottery cash. The Big Lottery Fund Scotland made the announcement recently as part of its latest tranche of awards to Scottish charities. Bobath Scotland; Fair Deal; Creetown Initiative Ltd; Eczema Outreach (Scotland); Fife Gingerbread; Healthy Valleys; Life Care (Edinburgh) Ltd; Momentum Scotland; the… Read More

Become a Young Inspection Volunteer

We’re looking for young people with a personal experience of care. Is this you? We inspect care and social work services to make sure they are high quality and meet the needs of people who use them. We believe we can make care better by working with people who have a personal experience of those services. So, if you have used… Read More

Are You Ready to Move Out?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to both moving out on your own and living in the family home. Should I stay at home? As tempting as the freedom of your own place might be, in some cases staying at home is the best option – and not only for the appeal of home-cooked meals… Read More

My World of Work

Visit the Young Scot site and explore your career options at My World of Work, created by Skills Development Scotland. Find out which job would suit your strengths. Get expert advice on CVs and interviews and search for jobs and learning opportunities.

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