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Anti-bullying charity publishes results of annual survey

Anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label has published the findings of its latest annual survey on bullying in the UK. The charity surveyed 3,600 children in collaboration with schools and colleges across the UK. The survey found that 50% of young people have bullied another person, 30% of which do it at least once a week…. Read More

New mobile app to help young people cope with stress

Try out ‘Stressheads’ – a new app to help 16 to 25 year olds cope with stress. Launched by the digital charity YouthNet, this free app was designed by a group of young volunteers to provide help young people to manage stress.

Commissioner highlights concerns for children’s rights in Scotland

Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People has highlighted five of his concerns for children’s rights in Scotland as part of his written evidence to the UK Joint Committee for Human Rights (JCHR). These include problems with engagement and participation, child poverty and poor access to mental health services. Find out what the Education (Scotland)… Read More

New leaflet to help young people understand their rights

A new leaflet to help young people understand their rights has been produced by Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People. It tells young people what their rights are and what the Commissioner can do for them.

Report indicates young adults are more likely to experience poverty

This new report focuses on low income, social security and unemployment, health, education, in-work poverty, low pay, housing and anti-poverty priorities and actions. Young adults under thirty are now at a higher risk than any other age group of experiencing poverty in Scotland – the only age group to have seen an increase over the… Read More

Report on how young people can shape improvements in youth justice

A report exploring how young people can become active participants in shaping youth justice policy and practice has been published by the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice (CYCJ). The CYCJ commissioned Space Unlimited to produce the report, engaging with a wide range of young people on their experiences and ideas for making improvements in… Read More

SHRC delivers statement on children’s rights at UN Human Rights Council

The Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has delivered an oral statement at the 28th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, calling for action to address the impact of austerity measures on children and young people. SHRC repeated its call for the UNCRC to be fully incorporated into Scotland’s legal system, highlighted… Read More

The Children and Young People Act 2014 comes into force today!

This delivers a better package of legislative rights for care experienced children and young people. The Scottish Government wants to make Scotland the best place to grow up for ALL children and young people.  To do this, they placed a range of enhanced and new provisions into this Act which were consulted on widely, starting… Read More

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