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Six Months Since Commonwealth Games

Top inspirational Games moments revealed

Six months on from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, new research reveals that the vibrant opening and closing ceremonies were named as the most inspirational moments of the Games (58%), followed closely by the friendly atmosphere in the host city Glasgow (51%) and Scotland welcoming the world during the Games (49%).

The research also ranks the dedicated clyde-sider volunteers (32%) and the live events at sites around the City including Glasgow Green (24%), in the top five key inspirational moments to leave a lasting legacy.

In terms of top sporting moments from the Games, nearly a quarter (24%) of Scots named Ross Murdoch’s 200m breaststroke gold medal win as their most inspiring moment, followed closely by Charlie Flynn’s gold medal in boxing’s lightweight division (22%) and Lynsey Sharp’s spectacular silver medal win in the 800m (20%).

These outstanding sporting achievements have inspired Scots to get more active and create a personal legacy, with 84% of people surveyed participating in sport since the Games with swimming (34%), cycling (32%) and football (32%) being named as the most popular choices.

The research also highlights that 94% of respondents will take steps towards a more active lifestyle in 2015, with over half of people (57%) committing to regular walks, 40% of people aiming to walk to school or work more often and 38% of people using the stairs instead of the lift in a bid to get more active.

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