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Research Finds Scotland’s Young Carers are Continually Facing Financial Hardship

The Scottish Youth Parliament has published a report exploring the challenging financial circumstances facing Scotland’s young carers, as well as the impact of caring responsibilities on their opportunities in education, social development and emotional wellbeing. The findings of the research report, ‘A Costly Youth: The Impact of Caring on Young People in Scotland‘ highlights concerning… Read More

Scottish youth groups urged to think green

Do you have an excellent environmental idea but need some cash to help turn it into a reality? Does your community group or school have a passion for pedal power, wildlife conservation or environmental education? Or does your community hall or sports facility need a bit of TLC to be more energy efficient? WWF Scotland… Read More

Game for children in care wins Serious Play Award

A computer game to help children in care understand their rights has received international acclaim from the International Serious Play Awards. Far From Home is an online 3D adventure game made for the Care Inspectorate, Scotland’s care watchdog. The game explores themes of trust, consequence and unfamiliarity in an action-packed and strange alien world. Students… Read More

Joint inspection of services for children and young people in East Renfrewshire

SERVICES for children and young people in East Renfrewshire are performing well, providing excellent support to families, a new report has revealed. It follows a joint inspection led by the Care Inspectorate and carried out by teams of inspectors from the Care Inspectorate, Education Scotland, Healthcare Improvement Scotland and Her Majesty‚Äôs Inspectorate of Constabulary for… Read More

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