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New Wellbeing Website for Young People

Getting it right for every child The Scottish Government has launched a new website showcasing the work of a group of young people who won a Wellbeing Competition. The website is all about young people and their wellbeing – and what the adults in their life need to do to help, if they need some… Read More

GDA Circle Course

Glasgow Disability Alliance is running their “Circle” course for disabled people aged 16-30 from 4 to 8 August. This is a four day course, running during the summer holidays when young people are often bored with nothing to do! Circle is a fun way to meet and learn from other disabled people and make new… Read More

Aye Naw Mibbe – Peer Education Programme

The Scottish Youth Parliament is launching the next phase of its Peer Education programme, to coincide with the launch of the ‘Aye Naw Mibbe’ project. The programme will run throughout Scotland and this phase will focus on recruitment from within higher and further education establishments. SYP are looking to recruit 30 peer educators, with a… Read More

Children’s commissioner publishes consultation video

Last year the Scottish Government published its draft Youth Sport Strategy and, through consultation questions, invited adults to let them know what they thought of its content and aims. Following on from this Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People have been working with the Scottish Government to make sure the views of children are represented in… Read More

A new website for you and your wellbeing!

The Scottish Government have recently launched a new website created by and for young people to show what’s being done in schools and elsewhere to support their wellbeing.    The website includes information on GIRFEC (Getting it right for every child),  the  Children and Young People (Scotland) Act and where to go for extra support or… Read More

Y Care International

Do you want to volunteer overseas to bring about positive change while gaining new skills and experiences? Y Care International has a new volunteering opportunity for all 18-25 year olds, in collaboration with the International Citizen Service (ICS). Young people will get the chance to work for up to 12 weeks in some of the… Read More

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