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Young people with long term conditions project

Do you have a long term condition such as asthma, diabetes, MS or allergies? If so, please spare a few minutes to answer Young Scot’s anonymous Living with a Long Term Condition survey about what it is like living with a long term condition’

The Care I.D.entity [listen][act][unite]

The past year has been a significant one for  Scotland’s care experienced young people… From the support for the pledge2[listen] campaign, to the increase in leaving care age, to the 1st ever care leavers festival, to new projects launching in 2014 around community connections, the Scottish alumni of care leavers and the national participation  network—there… Read More

Rights: Information for young people who are looked after away from home

This booklet gives you information about your rights whilst you are being looked after away from home. There are lots of reasons why young people may not be able to live with their own family. It isn’t possible to give you information about all the situations you may find yourself in or answer all your questions. However, there are… Read More

“Hello. My name is Joe.”

Young people in care in Cambridgeshire worked with professional film makers and University of Cambridge health researchers to produce a four-minute animation about how it feels to enter the care system. The film, which forms part of a new training course for foster carers, is now available to watch online, together with a short “behind… Read More

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